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Here’s a job for the professionals! Getting the grime, grease, dirt, and mold out of tile can be a nasty job at best – and often made worse by using the wrong or too toxic a cleaner. The cleaner you need is the one that is strong enough to get the job done – and no stronger. Like any other type of cleaning, tile and grout cleaning requires specific solutions for specific problems. Another caveat is that you want your tile and grout to retain its original appearance, which presents the challenge of how to deep clean and remove the dirt without ruining the appearance and having a major re-grouting project to do! Contact us today! 1-866-431-0492

Cleaning tile grout is the first line of defense that protects tiles from getting broken down by mildew, grime or moisture. Dirty tile can also harbor germs, creating a more unsanitary surface. The tools of the trade are not something we always have in our homes and businesses. Thorough tile and grout cleaning requires the right grout cleaner, grout scrubbers, and the grout brushes you need to get the job done right. For tough grout cleaning jobs, you may even need to use a grout steam cleaner or commercial tile cleaner to save you time and backbreaking labor. For safety/sanitation reasons, tile and grout cleaners need to have a disinfectant component.

Your grout can also become discolored, for unknown reasons – perhaps a cleaning product you have used, or one you haven’t used! What to do? Dig it out and replace it? Not so fast! There are solutions that can often return your grout to its original color, while keeping the tile sparkling clean as well. Each case is approached individually by tile and grout cleaning experts, such as your professionals at ServiceMaster Clean Care.Regular cleaning with the correct products can also prevent discoloration of your tile and grout – particularly in areas like showers and bathtubs. These areas trap dirt and grime on a daily basis.

Saving you time and money is the promise of ServiceMaster Clean Care! Often customers think they have to install new tile – that their current product cannot be fixed. Professional tile and grout cleaners may have the solution that will negate this need, and help you restore your tile to its former condition – the condition you need!

Saving time and money starts when you make that first call to ServiceMaster Clean Care @ 1-866-431-0492, rather than trying various products to clean your tile and grout without success. Call us today – we know you will be glad you did!

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  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Floors
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Fire Damage Restoration in Grand Rapids Michigan
  • Emergency Board-Up
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  • Off-Site Cleaning
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  • Light Demolition
  • Content Cleaning


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  • Broken Pipes
  • Sink Leaks
  • Toilet Leaks
  • Rain Storm Damage
  • Sewage Backup


  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Remediation


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  • We have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Aaron and his Servicemaster crew. The men that removed the carpeting and other water damaged materials were very careful to remove only what was necessary. They were careful not to damage other items or furniture as damaged materials were moved out of the house to a dumpster and undamaged items were shuffled to other areas. Next, the ladies that came in to do to the cleaning were very thorough and careful. They also “heppa” vacuumed , then hand cleaned every item that was not discarded into the dumpster. They also scrubbed and cleaned/disinfected virtually every inch of the basement. They were outstanding. Our insurance provider required that we provide several quotes for the water damage in our basement. One of the individuals was very “hard sell” with his inspection, the other individual did not even come equipped with a moisture meter.

    Aaron came to our home equipped with the knowledge and equipment to determine the extent of the damage. He was very assuring as he explained the proper steps necessary to remedy the problem. If it were up to me, on a scale of 1-10, I would give Aaron and Servicemaster a “12”.

    B and D Spurrier
  • “Wow” is the word I use to express my appreciation for Aaron and his staff. Their proactive and rapid response to my water damage needs was truly amazing. Their professional knowledge and over and above customer service attitude is to applauded. I definitely will be referring their services to my family and friends.

    P. Mourning
  • Every member of the staff was very kind and efficient. In a time when I was feeling overwhelmed with the damage done in our home, they came in and handled the cleanup and came along side when I talked with the electrician, the claim adjuster and the contractor. Wow. Way above and beyond. And the contact with me was daily! I never had to guess where we were in the whole process! I am so appreciative for this company! Certainly made things run smoothly for me in a very stressful situation. Thank you.

    J. Eddy
  • Just wanted you to know that the staff at ServiceMaster were very professional and accommodating around everyone’s schedules the last few days. It was a pleasure to work with the Team Leader, Billie and the techs, Rishard, Dorrell and Clay. The preschool director also wants you to know what a great job they did and that ServiceMaster employees did everything in their power to get rid of the stains.

    Presbyterian Church
  • I would highly recommend your service. Aaron was very informative on explaining the process that would take place start to finish. John, who seemed to be maybe a lead or foreman, was extremely friendly and professional each time he had to come and take readings on the progress of the dry out. They left my area as clean as possible and had all the required paperwork submitted to my insurance company the very next day.

    All in all, they made a very messy situation simple to understand and as painless as possible.

    J. TenBrink
  • The entire team was extremely helpful, friendly and courteous. They arrived to help within a very short time of the original call and immediately went to work to clean up the mess and kept us informed as thing progressed. They connected with our insurance company as well as recommended a repair company. The entire team did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend them.

    L. Roush
  • They Wayland office people were amazing. They were quick to get our mess cleaned up, fast to return calls and to respond to our concerns. Billie and her crew worked quickly to get everything packed out of the house so the repairs could be made after pipes burst and flooded the house. Everything was done quickly and professionally. Thank you for helping us get back to “normal”.

    R. Skinner
  • We were pleased with the service received from ServiceMaster, especially Aaron, the general manager. Their service was immediate upon our call to the insurance company. Aaron and his workers were very respectful of us and our home. He kept us apprised of what the team was doing, the purpose of the procedures they were taking, an estimate of how long it would take to complete their service and did a thorough job throughout the days they were in home. We would highly recommend ServiceMaster.

    S. Jessurun
  • Aaron and his team were prompt, professional and got the water removed and the drying started. We had a lot of items and furniture to move and they took care of everything. I would recommend them to any of my neighbors.

    W. Barker
  • Your company was fantastic during a situation that had me in tears. They were prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. Aaron was very helpful with the process and provided us with very useful information about the process including ordering replacement flooring. And the supervisor on the job, Jonathon, was one of the most outstanding, professional and competent individuals we have ever dealt with. We only hope that your company recognizes and rewards such outstanding service. We have also communicated our level of satisfactory with our insurance company, USAA. Thank you.

    D and D Nelson

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